Portable Dance Floors

Handy Dance Floors – Your Ultimate Dance Companion

Dancers travel to different locations to bring the message of love and creativity to all ages. Portable dance floor, therefore, makes perfect travel buddies for dancers as they perform in unfamiliar and less comfortable areas. Portable dance flooring helps ensure that the dancers give their best for every performance. The right dance floor offers predictability that gives a dancer more confidence in carrying out graceful and difficult dance routines.

Being easy to carry and ease of assembly are what portable dance floors are all about. The surfaces vary but all essentially work to create optimum traction, softness and simply the best surface for dancing. Portable dance floor may be in the form of rolled out flooring or modular tiles that easily connect. Used for both indoor and outdoor dance events, temporary dance floors can be worked around posts and get a customized layout. You can count on these floors to give the best dance surface for any event.

Portable Dance Floor

The Most Common Types of Portable Dance Floors

  • Marley floor – Made of sheet vinyl, these floors are just awesome for different kinds of dances. Ballet, jazz, tap and modern dancers will perhaps agree that dancing on Marley floor helps them give their best performances. A Marley floor minimizes injuries while giving the right amount of traction. These rolled out floors therefore give dancers more confidence in every performance. Portable Marley flooring also comes in different colors such as white, grey and black as well as color combinations like a checkerboard design. They look good and provide the right surface for dancing.
  • Wooden floor – Wood is another popular option because it doesn’t only look nice but also serves as a fantastic surface for dances and indoor sports. Oak, cherry, teak, birch and mahogany are some of the most common choices. Wood parquet is also another favorite for many types of dance venues. Portable wooden flooring usually comes as modular tiles. The surface is made of wood while the base is made of polypropylene co-polymer that adheres well to any surface. These wooden modular floors serve well for small venues as they neatly wrap around posts and corners. They’re like puzzle pieces that can go wide or narrow depending on your needs and the size of the venue.
  • Lighted floor – As its name suggests, this type of flooring comes with an LED backlight that’s fun and colorful. With computer software and programming, the lights change color and synchronize themselves to the beat of the music. Totally cool and vibrant, portable lighted floor is perfect for night spots and disco dance setups.

Travel and Perform with a Portable Dance Floor

Bring along your dance floor with the easy to install portable dance floor. You can also have these dance floors rented so you earn money at the same time. Dancing is so much more fun when you’re doing it on the right kind of flooring. Portable dance floors are therefore the answer to convenience, predictability and a comfortable surface for dancers.